EasyJet Selects Boeing Next-Geration 737-700s

Boeing Commercial Airplane Group today confirmed an order for 15 Next-Generation 737-700 twinjets from easyJet, an airline based in the United Kingdom.

easyJet also agreed to secure options for 15 more 737-700s. Deliveries of the new airplanes will begin in October 2000 and will continue through February 2003. In less than a year, easyJet has ordered 27 Boeing airplanes, including 12 Boeing 737-300s, the first of which is scheduled for delivery next month.

The value of the 15-airplane order is approximately $650 million.

The 737-700 has many features in common with the existing 737-300s in easyJet's fleet. "We chose the Boeing 737 based on the superior reliability and comfort we have experienced with our current fleet of 737 aircraft," said easyJet's Chairman Stelios Haji-loannou. "In only four years we will have a total of 33 new Boeing airplanes and will be flying one of the world's youngest fleets."

"easyJet's order further validates that Boeing 737s continue to be the preferred products servicing many leading low-cost, low-fare airlines in the Unites States and Europe," said Tom Basacchi, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group vice president, Europe.

The Next-Generation 737 is the world's best-selling jetliner, with 965 total orders from 44 customers worldwide.