Boeing Delivers Japan Airlines' First 777-300

Japan Airlines (JAL) accepted delivery of its first Boeing 777-300 today. This delivery represents the first of five 777-300s that JAL has on order.

All of JAL's 777s share a common tradition: Each one is named for a major constellation or star. JAL named its first 777-300 "Regulus," which means "heart of the lion."

Japan Airlines configured this 777-300 to carry 470 passengers, 18 in first-class "Superseats" and the remainder in the economy section. The carrier plans to use the airplane on domestic routes in Japan.

The Pratt & Whitney-powered 777-300 earned U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) type certification and validation on June 4. The certification recognizes that this particular engine/airframe combination has passed stringent testing and safety requirements and is ready to enter passenger service. In addition, the FAA recently approved 180-minute extended-range, twin-engine operations (ETOPS) for the 777-300. Having 180-minute ETOPS approval allows the airline to operate a flight pattern that provides the traveling public with the most direct routing between transoceanic cities.

JAL was one of the launch customers for the 777-300 and participated in the design phase of both the 777-300 and its predecessor, the 777-200. The airline has taken delivery of five 777-200s, and has five more on order.

To date, 27 customers worldwide have placed orders for 392 777s. Since its launch in 1990, the Boeing 777 family has captured more than 63 percent of the market for airplanes in its class.