Boeing, Its Employees and Retirees Donate More than $90 Million in 1997 to Help Others Around the Nation

The Boeing Company and its employees and retirees donated $90.5 million in 1997 in assistance and contributions to the communities in which employees live and work. The total given includes all of the contributions of the sites in 27 states and Canada and Australia where Boeing has major operations. Nearly half of those gifts - $39.2 million - came from Boeing employees and retirees.

Education institutions and programs, health and human services agencies, arts and cultural organizations, and civic and environmental groups benefited from company and company-sponsored giving programs. The story behind these numbers is outlined in the newly released 1997 Citizenship Report, an annual publication detailing the philanthropic reach of the company, its employees and retirees.

In Washington state, the company contributed more than $17.8 million in cash, $391,000 in surplus donations and about $3.6 million in in-kind donations, which does not include loaned executives. Washington employees were just as generous by contributing $20 million.

The largest single block of company contributions - 37.9 percent - went to education, including K-12 (primarily in areas where employees live and work) and college and university programs across the nation. Boeing is committed to a performance-based educational system and is involved in education initiatives at local, state and national levels. The company contributes to educational reform through corporate and personal leadership and financial support.

Added to the company's education contribution are many millions of dollars provided to United Way organizations nationwide, multi-year commitments to cultural and arts campaigns, and grants to health and human services agencies to provide assistance such as low-income dental clinics, after-school care for at-risk youth and services for seniors.

The $90.5 million total was distributed as:    
Company cash contributions    $42.5
Company surplus and in-kind contributions    $  8.8
Employee/retiree contributions    $39.2
GRAND TOTAL:    $90.5
The $42.5 million cash contributions were distributed as:    
Education  (37.9%)    $16.1
Health/human services  (35.5%)  $15.1
Arts and cultural  (16.5%)  $  7.0
Civic  (10.2%)  $  4.3
TOTAL:    $42.5
The $8.8 million surplus and in-kind contributions 
were distributed as:
Surplus materials (computers, notebooks, tools, etc.)    $ 1.6
In-kind contributions (transportation, video production, etc.)    $ 5.2
Loaned executive program    $ 2.0
(41 non profit agencies benefited from 20 executives)    
TOTAL:    $ 8.8

Employees' Personal Contributions: $39.2 million

Boeing people on a voluntary basis donated $39.2 million through 13 employee funds and a national gift matching program. This year the employee funds merged and are now called the Employees Community Fund of The Boeing Company. The Fund is locally managed and controlled by employees in 13 different regions of the country.

About The Boeing Company

The Boeing Company is the world's largest manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft and a leader in manufacturing commercial and military space systems. The company has more than 237,000 employees in 27 states and two countries, with customers in more than 145 countries. Annual revenues in 1997 were $45.8 billion. Boeing is traded on the NYSE as BA.

Copies of the Citizenship Report

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