Lufthansa Cargo Receives First Two Boeing MD-11 Freighters

A ceremony today in Frankfurt, Germany marked the arrival of the first two MD-11Fs for Lufthansa Cargo AG. The trijet freighters, the first two of eight to be delivered by the Boeing Company, represent Lufthansa Cargo's commitment to the air freight business of the future. The MD-11 freighters will play a major role in supporting Lufthansa Cargo's new time-definite booking, delivery and tracking services by providing high reliability and flexibility to the carrier's operations.

With worldwide air cargo needs expected to double by 2005, the all-freight MD-11 will complement Lufthansa Cargo's existing fleet of 11 Boeing 747-200Fs. With a forward-looking fleet mix, the MD-11F will help Lufthansa Cargo ensure that people worldwide obtain the goods they need at the right place and time.

The MD-11F can carry up to 89,325 kilograms (196,928 pounds) in gross payload and up to 440 cubic meters (15,530 cubic feet) of palletized cargo. Its lower compartments can hold an additional 158 cubic meters (5,566 cubic feet) of container and bulk cargo. Powered by three General Electric engines, the MD-11Fs have a design range of 6,770 kilometers (3,658 nautical miles; 4,210 statute miles).

Lufthansa Cargo will take delivery of six additional MD-11 freighters by the end of 1999 and has options for three others to be delivered in 2000.

Today's ceremony underscored Lufthansa Cargo's commitment to meeting the challenges of the global cargo market with one of the most advanced and efficient cargo airplanes in the world. To date, nine Boeing customers operate 39 MD-11 freighters and five MD-11 combis worldwide. A combi is a jetliner whose main deck can be split between passenger and cargo.

Boeing builds all models of the MD-11 at its Douglas Products Division in Long Beach, Calif.