All Nippon Airways Celebrates Its First Boeing 777-300

In a ceremony accompanied by Japanese taiko drummers, All Nippon Airways today celebrated the delivery of its first 777-300 at the Boeing site in Everett.

To commemorate this ANA milestone, the livery on this 777-300 depicts flowing blue ribbons, symbolizing the swiftness of the wind as it glides through the sky.

During the ceremony, Boeing Executive Vice President - Business Resources Fred Howard said, "This year, 1998, is the Year of the Tiger, and it has truly been a `Tiger' year for All Nippon Airways. Many significant events have taken place in past Tiger years for this premier carrier. And now in 1998, ANA is keeping with the tradition by taking delivery of its first 777-300."

All Nippon Airways was one of the initial launch customers placing orders for the 777-300 in 1995. ANA actively participated in the flight-test program for both the Boeing 777-200 and -300. The airline has taken delivery of 12 Boeing 777-200s and has eight more on order. Besides the 777-300 delivered today, ANA has eight other 777-300s on order. At the ceremony, Kichisaburo Nomura, president and chief executive officer of All Nippon Airways, remarked, "We have full confidence that the state-of-the-art 777 will contribute towards the enhancement of our service network and will build a bright future for Boeing and ANA - and the U.S. and Japan -into the next century."

At 73.8 meters (242 feet 3 inches) from nose to tail, the 777-300 is the longest member of the Boeing 777 airplane family. With a maximum takeoff weight of 299,370 kilograms (660,000 pounds), and a fuel capacity of 171,160 liters (45,220 gallons), it will serve routes up to 10,500 kilometers (5,700 nautical, 6,560 statute miles). This latest Boeing wide-body aircraft carries 20 percent more passengers than the 777-200.

All Nippon Airways has configured its 777-300 to carry 18 "superseats" and 459 economy passengers, for a total of 477. The carrier plans to use the airplane on domestic routes in Japan.

The Pratt & Whitney-powered 777-300 earned U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) type certification and validation on June 4. The certification formally recognizes that this particular engine/airframe combination successfully passed the stringent testing and safety requirements of the regulatory agency and is ready to enter passenger service. In addition, on June 4, the FAA gave its approval for 180-minute extended-range, twin-engine operations (ETOPS). Having 180-minute ETOPS approval allows the airline to operate a flight pattern that provides the traveling public with the most direct routing between transoceanic cities.

To date, 27 customers worldwide have placed orders for 392 777s. Since its launch in 1990, the Boeing 777 family has captured more than 65 percent of the market for airplanes in its class.