Boeing Appoints New President For Japan

In a move designed to further strengthen The Boeing Company's image and presence in a vitally strategic market, Rick Martin has been named president of the Boeing Japan office in Tokyo. He will be responsible for overseeing the company's sales and industrial activities in commercial aircraft, information, space and defense systems.

Last year, Boeing merged with McDonnell Douglas, becoming the largest aerospace company in the world - one with strong capabilities in manufacturing commercial aircraft, and in information, space and defense systems.

"Today, Boeing is a leading provider of commercial jetliners to Japanese airlines, comprising over 85 percent of the market, and a significant customer and partner of the Japanese aerospace industry - including the rapidly growing space industry," said Phil Condit, chairman and chief executive officer of The Boeing Company. "The success of Boeing in Asia depends on positioning ourselves strategically and thoroughly understanding the market."

"In his 27 years at Boeing, Rick Martin has worked both in the former Defense and Space Group (now Information, Space and Defense Systems) and in contracts and sales at Boeing Commercial Airplane Group. During 18 years of working with Japanese airlines, leasing companies, trading companies and the aerospace industry, he has demonstrated an understanding of the Japan market and our customers, qualifying him to represent the company and oversee our entire company's activities in this strategic region," Condit added.

Japan is the largest economy in Asia, with a gross domestic product of over $4 trillion, second only to the United States. Japan and the U.S. account for about 40 percent of the world Gross Domestic Product.

"In order to be successful in this globally competitive aerospace market," said Martin, "we need to develop strategic relationships with governments; our customers and suppliers; and be part of the fabric of the society in which we operate."

"I am excited by the opportunities afforded our governments and citizens through collaboration between the new Boeing company and Japan's aerospace companies," Martin added. "I am also looking forward to promoting increased cooperation and dialog between the U.S. and Japan by building on the long-term relationships Boeing has developed in our 45 years of operation in Japan."