United Arab Emirates Buys Boeing Harpoon Weapon System

The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) recently signed a letter of offer and acceptance with the U.S. Navy for the Harpoon Weapon System. The Harpoon anti-ship missile system will be deployed aboard frigates recently acquired by the UAE.

"Harpoon's record of reliability and low-cost logistics are part of the reason it has become the anti-ship weapon of choice for 25 nations," said Capt. A.J. Benn, U.S. Navy program manager for Harpoon. "Other keys to Harpoon's success are the revolutionary performance improvements that allow the missile to defeat developing threats. Combine all that and you have a tremendous weapon system."

"The UAE is a valued new addition to the Harpoon family," said Bob Krieger, general manager for Boeing missile systems. "The UAE will play a strategic role in the defense of the Middle East, and the Harpoon will be a part of that effort."

The Harpoon missile was first sold internationally more than 20 years ago. As of last year, Boeing had delivered more Harpoons than all other anti-ship missiles combined.

Harpoon sales have continued to be strong as the latest version of Harpoon, the Block 1G, has gained market acceptance. Three other countries, in addition to the UAE, have added to their existing inventory of Harpoons this year.

Harpoon was sold to the UAE under a foreign military sale contract between the UAE and the U.S. government.



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