The U.S. Navy has ordered three 737-700s for its Navy Unique Fleet Essential Airlift Replacement Aircraft (NUFEA-RA) program, designated the C-40. The contract, valued at $163 million, calls for Boeing to deliver the Next-Generation version of the world's most popular jetliner to the Commander Naval Air Reserve Forces beginning in December 2000. The 737-700s will be used to replace the Navy's aging fleet of 20 C-9 aircraft used for worldwide, short-notice transportation of military personnel and cargo. The 737-700 Increased Gross Weight Quick Change (IGW QC) is a military freighter derivative of the Boeing Next-Generation 737 aircraft. The 737-700 IGW QC will set standards in its class with payload capacity of 38,500 pounds, cruise ceiling of 41,000 feet and cruise speed of Mach .78 to .82.