Boeing Business Jets Announces Winglets Test

Boeing Business Jets announced today that it has been testing the use of winglets on a Boeing 737-800 for possible application on the new Boeing Business Jet (BBJ).

The winglets are being tested as a possible range- performance enhancement for the BBJ. Designed and manufactured by Seattle-based Aviation Partners Inc., the two 8- foot high, blended and vertically mounted winglets are attached to the end of each wing of the airplaneat the end of each of the airplane's wings.

"The Boeing Business Jet's 6,200 -nautical-mile range already ranks it with the leading business airplanes in its class, " said Borge Boeskov, president of Boeing Business Jets. "We want to test the application of winglets as a way of making a world-class product even better. . We are testing to determine whether winglets will provide a range- performance enhancement by reducing drag."

The BBJ is a derivative of the Next-Generation 737-700, combining the -700 fuselage with the strengthened wings and landing gear of the larger and heavier 737-800. . This combination gives the BBJ a range of 7,140 statute miles (6,200 nautical miles, 11,480 kilometers).

"As a special-use airplane for executive teams and private owners, the BBJ will fly much longer routes - up to 14 hours non-stop - than commercially operated Boeing 737s," Boeskov said. . "These are the routes where winglets would have the best opportunity for performance improvements."

In addition to performance, the winglets will give the Boeing Business Jet a look that will set it apart from other business and commercial jets of its size.

"We want the BBJ to stand out, and we want it to look distinctive among all other business jets," Boeskov said.

Boeskov said the first phase of flight-testing will be completed this week. Whether winglets will be used on the BBJ will be determined following evaluation of testing data.

Major assembly of the first BBJ fuselage was recently completed in Wichita, Kan., while work on the first wings and other components is progressing in the Puget Sound area. . The airplane's first flight is scheduled for August. Boeing Business Jets is a joint venture between The Boeing Company and General Electric Co.