Boeing Delivers First "New-Build" Chinook to the Royal Netherlands Air Force

The Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) is adding a new CH-47D Chinook to its heavy-lift fleet.

The Chinook, signed over to the RNLAF from the Boeing rotorcraft program management center, is the first of six "new-build" CH-47Ds to enter service in The Netherlands. These aircraft follow seven modernized Chinooks delivered to the RNLAF in 1995 and 1996. The remaining new CH-47Ds are scheduled to be delivered later this year.

The RNLAF Chinook fleet serves with the 298 Squadron based at Soesterburg Air Force Base and supports the Dutch Air Mobile Brigade and NATO operations.

The Dutch Chinooks are the most advanced CH-47Ds in service today, incorporating several features that have since become standard in the new CH-47 Super D International Chinook, now in development in Philadelphia. Among these features are a fully integrated glass cockpit with automated flight controls, and full authority digital engine control and long-range fuel tanks.

The Boeing Company develops and produces military rotorcraft for customers worldwide. Among its products are the CH-47 Chinook, the AH-64D Apache Longbow, the RAH-66 Comanche and the V-22 Osprey.



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