Alaska Airlines Orders Six Boeing 737 Jets

Boeing Commercial Airplane Group and Alaska Airlines announced today an order for six Boeing 737 jets - one -400 and five -700s. The airline also placed options for four Next-Generation 737s.

The value of the order, including options, is approximately $425 million.

The 737-400 and two of the 737-700s are scheduled to be delivered in 1999; the remaining three 737s are scheduled for delivery in 2000.

Last fall, Alaska Airlines ordered the Boeing 737-900, launching the fourth member of the Next-Generation 737 family of jets.

"We appreciate Alaska Airlines' commitment to the Boeing 737," said John Hayhurst, vice president - The Americas. "It's a pleasure to team with our 'hometown' customer."

Changes from earlier 737s to the Next-Generation family include a new larger wing, higher cruise speed, greater range and new engines with improvements in noise, fuel burn and thrust.