Boeing, UPS Expand Spare-Parts Delivery Service

Boeing Direct, a fast and economical alternative delivery service for airplane spare parts, is now available from all spares distribution centers operated by Boeing Commercial Airplane Group (BCAG).

With today's announcement, Boeing Direct service is extended to customers served by the regional distribution centers in London, Beijing and Singapore. Previously, it was available only on shipments from the main Boeing spares center in Seattle and a regional facility in Atlanta.

Launched in 1996 by BCAG and United Parcel Service, Boeing Direct uses the global UPS distribution network for door-to-door delivery of spare parts. A single payment covers shipping and parts, reducing customer paperwork and bookkeeping.

Shipping charges under Boeing Direct are discounted 10 to 45 percent below published rates, and have not increased since the service was launched. Another key benefit is schedule reliability over the full range of UPS ground and air delivery options.

"Boeing Direct is a time-definite delivery service that helps airlines reduce their need for costly `just-in-case' spares inventories," said Darce Lamb, vice president - Airline Logistics Support. "The number of customers using the service has tripled."

He noted that customers in urgent need of a spare part can specify the fastest UPS delivery option - SonicAir - and be assured that the part will be on the next available flight. In almost all cases, he added, the part will be delivered the same day.

"Our Boeing spares centers can support that level of service because we routinely process emergency shipments within two hours of receiving an order," Lamb said. "Now that Boeing Direct is available from all of our spares centers, many more customers can get same-day service for a very affordable cost."