CFMI First Engine Maker To Use Boeing On-Line Data System

CFMI is the first jet engine maker to contract for distribution of engine maintenance documents via Boeing On-Line Data (BOLD), a global digital information system for operators of Boeing jetliners.

Digitized versions of the engine manual, illustrated parts catalog and service bulletins for the CFMI CFM56-7 jet engine will be available later this year via the BOLD system. CFM56-7 engines power the Next-Generation family of Boeing 737 jetliners, of which 866 have been ordered by 40 customers worldwide.

Through the secure, password-protected system, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group began providing on-line access to selected digitized maintenance information in March 1995. Since then, Boeing has greatly expanded the range of on-line offerings.

Today's BOLD system gives airlines access to aircraft technical drawings and parts lists, service bulletins, the service bulletin index, specifications and processes for parts and materials, and component maintenance manuals.

With BOLD, users have real-time access to information through standard computer workstations linked to private, high-speed, wide-area-network providers. Compared to cumbersome paper and microfilm-based information systems, BOLD offers the aviation industry much faster retrieval of the very latest information.

"Adding CFMI engine maintenance information to BOLD moves us closer to the day when our customers can get all the information they need to operate their Boeing jetliners through a single network connection," said Richard Higgins, director of technical data products and services for Boeing Commercial Airplane Group.

CFMI is jointly owned by General Electric of the United States and Snecma of France.