Boeing Shows Teens "Real Life" Relationship Between School and Work At Career Day April 23

What does it take to build an airplane, a rocket, a space shuttle? Mom, exactly what DO you do at work? Dad, why do you keep talking about "teamwork" on the job?

Answers to these and many other questions will be answered on Thursday (April 23) during Career Day activities at The Boeing Company.

Some 20,000 youngsters and teens (ages 12 - 19) of parents who work at Boeing in the Puget Sound area have signed up to see what it takes to work at Boeing and to learn about the "real life" relationship between school and work.

The day's activities are being coordinated by Boeing Education Relations.

"This day is designed to be an educational experience for our guests," according to Linda Lee Hansken, Career Day project manager in charge of the program. "We see it as an excellent opportunity to illustrate the relationship between school and work, and to help students - particularly the family members of our employees - better understand what is required to make that transition."

Nationally, some 30,000 young people are expected to attend Career Day activities at many Boeing sites throughout the country, including Southern California, Missouri, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arizona, Oregon and at various locations in Washington state.

Each site will have one or numerous activities that show students what skills are needed to succeed in that particular career area and how education plays a crucial role in learning those skills.

The Boeing Company supports many varied educational programs and initiatives at the local, state and national levels. In 1997, the largest share of the company's cash contributions --$16 million -- went to support grades K through 12 and colleges and universities.