Boeing Delivers First SLAM-ER to U.S. Navy

The Boeing Company delivered the first production Standoff Land Attack Missile Expanded Response (SLAM ER) to the U.S. Navy today. The delivery ceremony took place at the Boeing missile facility in St. Charles, Mo., where the missile is assembled.

Capt. A. J. Benn, Program Manager for SLAM ER, accepted delivery of the missile on behalf of the Navy.

"This is truly a special occasion for the Navy/Boeing team," said Benn. "This missile has performed flawlessly in flight test. It's my pleasure to accept the first production SLAM ER slated for operational service. The U.S. Navy is committed to providing the fleet with the best possible weaponry - and that weaponry is the SLAM ER."

Currently in low-rate initial production, Boeing will deliver 75 SLAM ERs to the U.S. Navy in 1998. The Navy's inventory of 700 SLAMs will be retrofitted to the SLAM ER configuration.

The SLAM ER has successfully completed five developmental test flights. Based on successful completion of these tests, the missile now moves into a new phase of testing, Developmental Test/Operational Test (DT/OT). DT/OT consists of three shared operational and development flights conducted with the assistance of the operational test community.

The SLAM ER is an affordable upgrade to the combat-proven SLAM missile. Improvements to the SLAM ER include planar wings for longer range and aerodynamic performance, software improvements that will make it easier for the control aircraft to designate an aimpoint on the target, and an improved penetrating warhead.



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