AH-64D Apache

THE ULTIMATE SIX-PACK - The last of six AH-64D Apache Longbow multi-mission combat helicopters is loaded into a C-5A Galaxy transport aircraft at Williams Gateway Airport in Mesa, Ariz. The mission was completed by the U.S. Army last week to demonstrate the Army's ability to rapidly transport large numbers of Apache Longbow helicopters. The fully integrated, fourth-generation Apache Longbow, recognized by the Army as being 28 times more effective than its unmatched, combat-proven predecessor, the AH-64A Apache, has up to 40 percent more firepower than its only competition - second- and third-generation helicopters in service or in development around the world. Apaches are widely recognized as the most capable and cost-effective helicopter weapon system ever put into production. The six Apache Longbows were flown to Fort Hood, Texas, where they were turned over to members of the 1-227th, 1st Cavalry Division, which will become the first combat-ready Apache Longbow unit.