DigitalXpress Announces Superior Video-to-the-Desktop Broadcast Service

DigitalXpress a leading provider of innovative business satellite communications services, has added full screen, full motion desktop video delivery to its suite of broadcast communication services.

DigitalXpress is a provider of high-quality, low-cost digital video, audio and data information distribution systems for business, education, employee communication and other client needs.

The high-bandwidth and state-of-the-art compression technology used by the XpressData service -- the company's data broadcast service -- solve two common complaints of desktop video: its slow, jerky images confined to a small portion of the PC monitor screen, and large, cumbersome file transfers clogging corporate intranets and wide area networks. XpressData's Video-to-the-Desktop delivers 30 frames per second at VHS resolution with CD-quality sound, far surpassing the quality of video delivered over the Internet, which typically vary from a few frames per second up to 15 frames per second.

"Our clients expressed a need to move their messages closer to their viewers' workspace -- right to the desktop," said Bill Bearry, president and CEO of DigitalXpress.

"That makes distance learning and corporate communications more convenient, and, in some cases, more accessible. That results in greater class participation and larger viewing audiences."

XpressData has been enhanced to support Internet Protocol (IP) streaming and multicasting, key technologies for delivering high-speed video in a digital format to computer networks.

The service provides MPEG-1 compression of analog video, which can be transported to the DigitalXpress uplink center via affordable switched terrestrial services. The digitized signal is formatted, encrypted and uplinked immediately to the DigitalXpress satellite network, then broadcast over the North American footprint of satellite SBS-6. Equipment necessary for reception includes an inexpensive .9-meter antenna and VCR-sized receiver at each site; the same antenna and receiver are used to receive DigitalXpress video transmissions. An XpressCard installed in a receive site PC or an XpressRouter installed on the network complete the receive system. Industry standard multicast software from manufacturers such as Starlight, Optivision or others can be used for network operation, if desired.

"There's no comparison," said Joel Wright, DigitalXpress vice president of Business Development, of the new service. "You don't wait for the file to download, you don't squint at a tiny frame on your monitor, and you aren't forced to tolerate strobe or irregular frame speeds. With DigitalXpress streaming video, the picture you see is better than on your home television. People enjoy watching it and they pay greater attention to the content."

"The DigitalXpress network frees your existing wide area network for core functions and adds a secure, supremely reliable delivery system for streaming video. It is a whole new dimension for corporate training and news broadcasts," Bearry added.

DigitalXpress, based in St. Paul, Minn., specializes in high-quality, low-cost satellite-to-desktop digital video, audio and data information distribution systems for the business community. The company was established through the joint efforts of Boeing Commercial Space Co., Conus Communications and Computing Devices International. The company has its headquarters in St. Paul, Minn., with branch offices in Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Atlanta.

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