Boeing Reports Fourth Quarter, Annual Deliveries

The Boeing Company announced today that it delivered 102 commercial jet transports during the fourth quarter ended Dec. 31, 1997. The deliveries in the fourth quarter consisted of 39 737-300/400/500s, three Next-Generation 737s, nine 747s, 12 757s, seven 767s, 10 777s, five MD-80s, 10 MD-90s and seven MD-11s.

Total jet deliveries for the full year 1997 were 375, consisting of 132 737-300/400/500s, three Next-Generation 737s, 39 747s, 46 757s, 42 767s, 59 777s, 16 MD-80s, 26 MD-90s and 12 MD-11s. The total includes one non-commercial 767 delivered during the first quarter, the fourth of four that are being modified as 767 AWACS for the government of Japan.

As part of its production recovery plan, Boeing has been identifying all aircraft available for delivery as an indicator of production recovery status. Customer-unique circumstances precluded the final delivery of several airplanes to commercial customers. In addition to the 375 airplanes delivered, 13 were tendered for delivery. These airplanes consisted of eight 737s, one 747, three 777s and one MD-11.

In total, Boeing tendered 333 7-Series airplanes and 55 Douglas Products Division airplanes, for a total of 388 in 1997.

Deliveries for the full year 1998 are expected to be about 550 airplanes.