Japan Air System Accepts Boeing MD-90 Triplets

In an unusual triple ceremony, Japan Air System (JAS) has accepted its 12th, 13th and 14th Boeing MD-90s. The event marks the first triple ceremony -- featuring three airplanes of a single model -- of a Douglas-built airplane since 1969.

The MD-90 is produced by Boeing Commercial Airplane Group's Douglas Products Division. JAS holds two remaining firm MD-90 orders of the original 16 placed in 1990 and 1996.

"This is a unique opportunity, providing these three quiet, new MD-90s to such an important customer as JAS," said Larry Dickenson, BCAG vice president -- Asia/Pacific. "It is indicative of Boeing's strong and growing relationships with our customers in Asia as we continue working together to build profitable airplane fleets that impress passengers with safety, comfort and dependability."

The three airplanes are painted in the long, bold, rainbow-colored designs of world-renowned motion picture director Akira Kurosawa. Kurosawa's seven "Fly the Rainbow" designs have become familiar sights throughout Japan, with the carrier's current 11-airplane MD-90 fleet flying 52 flights per week on more than 25 domestic routes. The new twinjet arrivals come almost precisely two years after the airline received its first MD-90.

Each of the new JAS airplanes is configured with 166 seats in a five-across seating arrangement and features the patented full-grip lighted hand rail located along the lower edge of the large overhead baggage racks. The cabin carries the rainbow theme into a soothing interior combination of blues and gray with multicolor accents.

The JAS MD-90s are powered by a pair of International Aero Engines V2525-D5 turbofans, rated at 25,000 pounds of take-off thrust. Combined with the airplane's design, the engines help make the MD-90 the quietest jetliner in its class. The fuel-efficient MD-90 also curbs exhaust emissions to levels significantly below strict international standards.

The existing JAS MD-90 fleet has an excellent dispatch-reliability record, with more than 99 percent of its flights departing within 15 minutes of scheduled take-off.

With approximately 6,100 employees, JAS operates 106 domestic and 3 international flights daily. In addition to its MD-90s, the JAS fleet includes 34 Boeing MD-80s, three 777s, two DC-10s and two DC-9s. The carrier also holds firm orders for four additional 777-200s.