Boeing Honors Suppliers for Quality Performance

Boeing Commercial Airplane Group announced today that six suppliers have been honored for quality performance in 1997.

Winning this year's "President's Award for Excellence" are:

  • Aeroquip Corporation, Jackson, Mich.
  • Air Cruisers Company, Belmar, N.J.
  • Giddens Industries Inc., Everett, Wash.
  • Kaasco Incorporated, Mukilteo, Wash.
  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
  • Umbra Cuscinetti S.p.A., Foligno, Italy

Boeing Commercial Airplane Group President Ron Woodard commended the honored suppliers for their support of Boeing business plan goals and their ability to add value to Boeing products in order to better satisfy airline customers.

In praising the winners, Woodard said, "This award is given to our suppliers who demonstrate excellence and who work together with us for world-class practices. These companies have put in long days to supply Boeing with superior service and outstanding, quality products."

Materiel Division Vice President and General Manager Gerry Kearns added, "These companies have focused on our four business measures of success: fewer defects, shorter cycle time, lower unit costs and higher customer satisfaction. It is an honor to recognize these companies, their employees and all their hard work."

The Boeing Commercial Airplane Group President's Award for Excellence began in 1988.

1997 President's Award for Excellence Winners

Boeing Commercial Airplane Group salutes quality performance by presenting its annual "President's Award for Excellence" for 1997 to six companies:

Aeroquip Corporation, Jackson, Mich.

This company is honored for its extensive implementation of Lean Manufacturing, its superb engineering and customer support and its reduced lead times. A valued supplier for 20 years, Aeroquip provides hydraulic and fuel-system hose assemblies and quick-disconnect couplings for all Boeing commercial airplane models. A supplier who truly encompasses the "working together" philosophy, Aeroquip has implemented Lean Manufacturing at all its facilities and has flowed the concepts down to its subcontractors. Even with rapid production rates increases, Aeroquip's quality and delivery performance continue to be impressively high.

Air Cruisers Company, Belfar, N.J.

Boeing honors Air Cruisers Company for exceptional delivery performance as well as high quality, reduced cycle time and lower costs. A supplier of escape slides for the 737, 757, 767 and 777, the company has never missed a production-scheduled shipment, airplane-on-ground or spare-parts order in three years. Air Cruisers' quality rating also remains outstandingly high. The company has proved its ability to respond to changes while maintaining schedule integrity and product quality.

Giddens Industries, Inc., Everett, Wash.

Boeing acknowledges Giddens Industries for its dedication to quality and its strong customer focus. A world-class supplier of machined parts and sheet-metal details and assemblies, Giddens has implemented The Boeing Company's Advanced Quality System and Lean Manufacturing throughout its manufacturing facilities. The company supports seven Boeing divisions and is consistent and dependable in its performance, maintaining a rating of "excellent" for both quality and delivery. A leader in customer support, Giddens uses an innovative approach to meet all requirements and empowers its workforce to promote teaming among employees.

Kaasco Incorporated, Mukilteo, Wash.

Kaasco is commended for outstanding customer support, schedule performance and quality. Since 1995, this world-class company has been the primary supplier of curtains for all commercial airplane models. The company's winning business approach centers around the question: "What can we do to help Boeing be successful?" It has a 100 percent on-time delivery record and is very responsive to short-flow requests, which make up 90 percent of its orders. The quality of Kaasco's work is consistently excellent and defect-free.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

Boeing salutes Kawasaki Heavy Industries for exceptional delivery and quality performance in producing the wing-control surfaces for the 737, 747 and 757; and the body sections for the 767 and 777. It is commended for a proactive approach to problem-solving and a "working-together" attitude with the entire value chain -- from suppliers to airline customers. It has demonstrated its commitment to the Boeing team as a key player on developmental and derivative programs. It has always met the big challenges. In addition, Kawasaki concentrates on the "little things" that, when taken together, make all the difference.

Umbra Cuscinetti S.p.A., Foligno, Italy

Umbra Cuscinetti is honored for exemplary customer service to The Boeing Company. A world-class supplier of ball screws for the 737, 747, 767 and 777, its material development program has set the standard for ball-screw technology. Additionally, this company has repeatedly reduced cycle times, not only on developmental hardware but on manufacturing lead times as well. Its unit costs are both competitive and market-driven, and its quality ratings are consistently high, as is its schedule performance. The employees' "can-do" attitude, competence and support are reflected in every aspect of the business.