Tunisair Selects Next-Generation 737s for Fleet Expansion

Tunisair, the flag carrier for Tunisia, announced that it has ordered four Next-Generation Boeing 737-600s and taken options for three additional Next-Generation 737s to augment its expanding fleet, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group confirmed today.

The North African airline selected the 737s to service its route network. The specific models for the three options will be determined later. Total value, if all options are exercised, is approximately $300 million.

"Tunisair has been a very good Boeing customer for many years, and they've achieved an enviable record of successful 737 operations," said Seddik Belyamani, vice-president -- international sales, Middle East/Africa/South Asia/Pacific. "The airline has shown confidence in Boeing products, and we're very pleased they've ordered the Next-Generation 737."

Since Boeing announced the launch of the 737-600/ -700/ -800 models - the latest members of the Boeing 737 family -- they have outsold all others in the short- to medium-range market segment. The Next-Generation 737s deliver more value to airlines in the form of increased reliability, greater simplicity and reduced operating and maintenance costs.

Next-Generation enhancements from current production 737s include a larger wing, higher cruise speed, more range and new engines with improvements in noise, fuel burn and thrust. The 737-600 is the smallest member of the family, carrying from 108 to 132 passengers.

Tunisair President and General Director Ahmed Smaoui said, "The Next-Generation 737-600 is an outstanding airplane that will complement our existing fleet of Boeing 737s. The 737's performance and technical reliability have been confirmed through the previous airplanes we acquired."

The Next-Generation 737 models will be powered by CFM56-7 engines produced by CFMI, a joint venture of General Electric Co. and Snecma of France. The CFM56-7 has 10 percent higher thrust capability than the CFM56-3C engines powering today's 737s.

To date, Boeing has received orders for 3,798 of the ubiquitous 737. With this order, sales for the Next-Generation 737 have reached 698.