Eastwind Airlines Orders Two Next-generation Boeing 737s

Eastwind Airlines, known on the east coast by its distinctive bee logo, has ordered two Boeing 737-700s, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group confirmed today.

The Next-Generation 737s will be delivered in April and June 1998.

"We are very pleased to welcome Eastwind Airlines into the Next-Generation 737 family," said Ron Woodard, president of Boeing Commercial Airplane Group. "These 737s will move smoothly into the niche Eastwind has created with the 737-200s it currently operates, allowing them to grow and enhance service to their customers, while lowering operating costs. Direct purchases by small airlines like Eastwind are important to Boeing, helping us expand our customer base," he added.

Eastwind, headquartered in Greensboro, N. C. currently operates two Boeing 737s between Greensboro, Trenton, New Jersey, Boston, Tampa and Orlando, and will be able to quickly integrate the new airplanes into its fleet.

"The Next-Generation 737s were an obvious choice for our fleet growth," said Eastwind Chairman of the Board John Aglialoro. "The investment community thinks highly of the Next-Generation 737-700, which is already ranked `No. 2' in investment appeal, second only to its predecessor, the 737-300. We're looking forward to its great performance, fleet commonality, high dispatch reliability and the outstanding customer support Boeing is famous for."

The Next-Generation 737's new wing and new engine will provide improved fuel capacity, fuel efficiency, speed and range, all adding to the superior economics for which the 737 is known worldwide.

The airplane's range will be approximately 3,000 nautical miles (3,682 statute miles or 5,926 kilometers), an increase of up to 900 nautical miles over current model 737s, allowing the airline customers increased capability.

With today's announcement, Boeing has tallied a total of 3,794 orders for the 737 family.