Lufthansa Exercise Options for Two 747-400s

Lufthansa German Airlines today exercised options for two 747-400s valued at $330 million, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group confirmed.

"Lufthansa is one of a select group of airlines that has built a truly global network with a level of service that sets a world-class standard. We're proud that Boeing has contributed to the great success achieved by the airline," said Nancy Bethel, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group executive vice president during a signing ceremony in Frankfurt. "We're pleased that Lufthansa continues to display strong confidence in Boeing airplanes."

"Today's announcement signals another important milestone in a successful and long-standing relationship between Lufthansa and The Boeing Company," said Lufthansa German Airlines Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Juergen Weber.

The 747-400, the world's largest jetliner, can fly 420 passengers about 8,300 miles. The 747-400 has a two-pilot digital flight deck, a new interior and is powered by stronger, more efficient engines. With its huge capacity, extended range and improved fuel efficiency, the 747-400 offers the lowest operating costs per seat of any commercial jetliner.