Boeing Reports Third Quarter Deliveries

The Boeing Company announced today that it delivered 89 commercial jet transports in the quarter ended September 30. The deliveries in the third quarter consisted of 33 737s, 8 747s, 10 757s, 11 767s, 18 777s, 3 MD-80s, 5 MD-90s and 1 MD-11. Total commercial jet transport deliveries for the first nine months of 1997 were 272, consisting of 93 737s, 30 747s, 34 757s, 34 767s, 49 777s, 11 MD-80s, 16 MD-90s and 5 MD-11s. Additionally, one non-commercial 767 was delivered during the first quarter, the fourth of four that are being modified as 767 AWACS for the Government of Japan.

The commercial jet transport deliveries for the year are currently scheduled to be in the 375-385 range, including McDonnell Douglas aircraft.