AMC Aviation Receives First Boeing MD-90-30ER Jetliner

AMC Aviation, an airline subsidiary of Aircraft Maintenance Company, has taken delivery of its first Boeing MD-90-30 Extended Range (ER) advanced technology twinjet. AMC Aviation is a charter operator headquartered in Cairo that specializes in long-range flights from Egypt to cities throughout Europe.

AMC Aviation's red, black and white livery glistened in the Southern California sun as Engineer El-Sayed Saber, the airline's chairman and president; M. Seddik Belyamani, vice president international sales for Boeing Commercial Airplane Group; Mourad Shawki Saadallah, vice president, flight standards for the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority and M. Aziz Bakr, the CAA's head of flight operations-central administration and others witnessed the delivery of the MD-90.

"We purchased the MD-90-30ER for its long-range capability and its ability to perform efficiently out of hot-weather airports," said Engineer Saber, "but our customers will also enjoy the airplane's spacious, comfortable interior."

At 168,000 pounds (76,204 kilograms), the AMC MD-90-30ER features the highest maximum takeoff gross weight capability of all MD-90s, 12,000 pounds (5,443 kilograms) more than standard MD-90s now in service, and 2,000 pounds (907 kilograms) more than any previously delivered MD-90-30. The improvement allows an auxiliary fuel tank holding up to 3,786 pounds (1,717 kilograms) of fuel, increasing maximum fuel volume to 42,900 pounds (19,459 kilograms), and gives the airplane a non-stop range of 2,500 statute miles (2,172 nautical miles, 4,023 kilometers) to meet the customer's long-range requirements.

The AMC MD-90-30ER is powered by a pair of International Aero Engines V2528-D5 turbofans, rated at 28,000 pounds of thrust. Combined with the airplane's design, the engines help make the MD-90 the quietest jetliner in its class. The fuel-efficient MD-90 also produces exhaust emissions that are well below strict international standards.

The AMC airplane is the first MD-90 to accommodate 170 passengers in an all-economy arrangement -- an increase of four seats over other MD-90s. The single-class configuration cabin features a soothing turquoise, terra cotta and white interior with a lotus flower design, five-across seating and the patented full-grip lighted hand rail located along the lower edge of the large overhead baggage racks.

Founded in 1993, AMC Aviation is headquartered in Cairo. AMC Aviation provides charter service from Egypt to cities in Europe, including Paris, Marseilles, Brussels, Frankfurt, Milan and Zurich. The MD-90-30ER increases the airline's fleet to four airplanes. AMC Aviation is scheduled to take delivery of a second MD-90-30ER in October 1998 and holds two additional MD-90-30ER options.