Boeing Wins Federal Telecommunications Support Contract

General Services Administration (GSA) has awarded Boeing a contract to furnish Technical and Management Support Services (TMS) to government agencies that are upgrading their telephones and other telecommunications services.

The TMS contract will provide cost-effective, high-quality telecommunications support services for federal agencies and other authorized users throughout the United States and the world.

The contract includes a two-year base period with options for three additional one-year periods. Boeing will administer the contract through its offices in Vienna, Va. The TMS program has an estimated value of up to $3 billion.

TMS will be used to provide support to agencies transitioning from their Federal Telecommunications Service (FTS) 2000 networks, which were installed in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Boeing will supply engineering and analytical support to the GSA and federal agencies to assist them in selecting, implementing and managing communications services acquired with Post-FTS 2000 contracts. Other TMS services include telecommunications operations, maintenance, testing and evaluation support and program management support. Boeing is one of six TMS prime contractors.

Potential customers for TMS services include GSA's Program Management Office, federal agencies, authorized federal contractors, agency sponsored universities and laboratories, and -- when authorized by law or regulation -- state, local and tribal governments. These services are intended to help users transition to the best possible telecommunications services, and to implement information technology recommended by the National Performance Review.

"TMS supports government efforts to make basic improvements in the National Information Infrastructure," said Stan Beckelman, Information Services president for Boeing. "We're pleased to be a partner in this important endeavor."

Members of the Boeing team include GTE, Bell Atlantic, TRW, US WEST, Coopers & Lybrand, CACI, ANSTEC, EDS, IMSI, Performance Engineering Corp., SIGCOM, SRA, SRC and UNITECH.

"The Boeing TMS team has talent, skill and experience," said Rick Reynolds, Boeing TMS program manager. "We know how to help customers make real-world decisions about complex telecommunications products and services."