Boeing News Release

Boeing's current model 737s, Next-Generation 737s and record-breaking 777 have captured the top eight out-of-10 spots in Airfinance Journal's prestigious annual Investors' and Operators' poll. The poll, in the magazine's September issue, ranks new and used commercial aircraft based on investor appeal, residual value, remarketability potential, value for the money and operational success. "Boeing airplanes are most attractive to investors for having the highest market penetration," said a European operating lessor who participated in the poll. "They have the confidence of the airlines and the banking community in Japan and the U.S., who together, make up 80 percent of the world's aircraft investment."

"We are very honored because the results of this poll indicate to us that listening to the market and developing a family of airplanes that provides our customers with the technology, comfort and operating efficiency they want is the ticket to success in this business," said Ron Woodard, president of Boeing Commercial Airplane Group.

The judges, who include 95 bankers involved in financing new aircraft and 80 airlines and operating lessors throughout the world, said Boeings's 737-300 snagged the top spot for the second year in a row because of its enduring appeal across the industry.

The judges went on to say: "The 737-300 is unquestionably the most popular narrowbody and the aircraft most airlines want to invest in." Total orders for the 737, the best-selling jetliner in commercial aviation history, stand at 3,798.

Boeing's Next-Generation 737-700, was ranked second followed by the 777-200IGW, the 737-800, and the 777-200. Boeing's 767-300ER and 737-400 and 757-200 were ranked seventh, eighth, and 10th respectively.

The record-selling Next Generation 737s, which have received 661 orders, before the first airplane has been delivered, builds on the solid reputation of the current 737 while offering technical innovations that allow the airplanes to fly farther, faster and higher than their predecessors.

According to the judges, one of the main attractions of the 737 family is the compatibility factor that encourages airlines and operators to make the logical step of upgrading from older to new-generation 737s. The 777, the world's largest twinjet, recently set distance and speed world records on a flight from Seattle to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.