Boeing Wichita to Modify Two 747-200s for China Airlines

Boeing Commercial Airplane Group, Wichita Division, today announced that it has been awarded a contract to modify an additional two 747-200 passenger airplanes into cargo configuration for China Airlines of Taiwan.

Under the contract, the first aircraft is scheduled for induction into Wichita 92s Commercial Modification Responsibility Center in July 1998 for delivery in November 1998. Work on the second airplane begins in March 1999 for delivery in June of the same year.

The freighter modifications include: removing the passenger interior; installing a side cargo door; replacing main deck floor beams and floor panels with production freighter parts capable of withstanding cargo loads; and installing a powered cargo handling system. Wichita also will install a smoke detection system and certify the aircraft for increased operating weights including takeoff and landing and maximum zero fuel weight. In addition, service bulletin terminations, heavy maintenance and selected reconfigurations are scheduled in parallel with the freighter conversions.

With these modifications, the airplanes will be capable of carrying 120 tons of cargo distances of 4,000 air miles and serving markets worldwide.

"We are extremely pleased to win this contract in such a competitive environment," said Modification Responsibility Center Director Vic McMullen. "We take great pride in being the best in the world at what we do, which is helping our customers achieve their profit goals as quickly and effectively as possible."

Boeing Wichita, the company 92s principal site for airplane modifications, is a full-service Modification Responsibility Center specializing in wide-bodied commercial aircraft modifications.

Since 1972 Boeing Wichita has modified 78 Boeing 747 airplanes to freighter configuration.