Pegasus Airlines Orders Two Boeing 737s

Pegasus Airlines, based in Istanbul, Turkey, has ordered one Boeing 737-400 and one 737-800, becoming the first airline in Turkey to order the Next-Generation 737, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group confirmed today.

The 737-400 will be delivered in Spring 1998, while the 737-800 will be delivered in Spring 1999.

"We are very pleased that Pegasus has confidence in the 737 program, and we are particularly grateful that the airline has selected the Next-Generation 737-800. Both models will help the airline manage its growth into the next century," said Seddik Belyamani, vice president of International Sales for Boeing Commercial Airplane Group. "This new aircraft will allow them to maintain their stringent operating cost controls, further improve passenger service and at the same time support their growth to European destinations," he added.

The carrier currently operates a fleet of six Boeing 737s and will be able to quickly integrate the new airplanes into its fleet. All models of the 737, the world's best-selling jetliner, bear a high degree of commonality. The 737 also has a very high dispatch reliability. For years, this has been a fundamental strength recognized by operators of the 737 family.

Larry Lowth, general manager, Pegasus Airlines, said, "The 737 is an excellent airplane and has allowed us to serve passengers who are increasingly selecting Turkey as a tourist destination. As we continue to grow, we need a strong partner in our operations, and the Boeing 737 is a workhorse that serves our demanding requirements."

The 737-800 is capable of carrying 160 to 189 passengers, making it the highest capacity 737 available. The 737-800=92s wing increases fuel capacity and improves fuel efficiency, both of which extend range. The range is approximately 3,000 nautical miles (3,454 statute miles or 4,847 km) an increase of up to 900 nm over current production 737s. That will allow enhanced 737 route capability throughout the world. The goal of the 737-800 program is to deliver more value to airline customers by balancing performance and economics.

Total orders for the 737, the industry's most successful commercial jetliner, now stand at 3,786.