Boeing Vice President To Chair 35th Space Congress

Bruce Melnick, vice president for The Boeing Company at Kennedy Space Center, will chair the 35th Space Congress, the Canaveral Council of Technical Societies recently announced.

Melnick, a former astronaut, was named vice president of McDonnell Douglas Aerospace, Space & Defense Systems in 1996. The division is responsible for NASA's payload ground operations contract, which includes all the engineering and facilities support and maintenance activities related to preparing spacecraft and/or payloads for the Space Shuttle missions prior to launch and after landing. McDonnell Douglas formally became part of Boeing on Aug. 1.

The 35th Space Congress will be held April 28 through May 1, 1998 in Cocoa Beach. To capture the recent events, the future of space exploration and its continuing benefits to mankind, the organizing committee has selected "Horizons Unlimited" as next year's theme.

"This historic congress brings together the experts from the science, military, commerce and education communities to exchange ideas and learn about the changes and new directions ahead for the American space program," Melnick said. "The 35th Space Congress will be especially exciting and informative because of the past year's outstanding scientific and engineering achievements in space exploration."

Other committee chairmen are: Bobby Bruckner (NASA) vice chairman; Dallas Gillespie (Boeing) assistant to chairman; Yvonne Parker (NASA) finance; Suzanne Hodge (Boeing) program; Vanessa Stromer (NASA) technical papers; Lt. Col. Keith Witt (Patrick Air Force Base) Department of Defense chairman; Susan Hutchison (NASA) Canaveral Council of Technical Societies chairwoman; Barbara Andrews (Lockheed Martin) local accommodations; Cheryl Ford (NASA) local support; Dave Severance (Sherikon Space Systems) publications; Bill Hoskins, registration; Charles Parker (United Space Alliance) exhibits; Dave Stanley (United Space Alliance) hospitality; Ann Beach and Agnes Vargas (Boeing) co-chair publicity; Ginger Davis (Brevard County Schools) science fair; Sharon Crockett (Lockheed Martin) golf tournament; and John Grumm (Boeing) advisor.

Space Congress, established in 1964, is the oldest forum on space technology in the world. The congress is sponsored by the Canaveral Council of Technical Societies and supported by NASA and the Department of Defense.

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