Norway Demonstrates Hellfire Shore Defense System

The Norwegian Coastal Artillery demonstrated the Norwegian HELLFIRE Shore Defense System recently in training exercises near Harstad, Norway.

Three HELLFIRE missiles were fired against a moving sea target, all scoring direct hits. For the second consecutive year, HELLFIRE F-model anti-armor missiles were used in the final training exercise for coastal artillery trainees. Last year, four HELLFIRE missiles were fired against stationary targets. Norway will receive its order of HELLFIRE missiles with a blast-fragmentation warhead later this year.

"This is a very important step in the training of our Coastal Artillerymen," said Commander Arild Roen, Norwegian Navy program manager. "We have proven the pinpoint accuracy and lethality of the system and how effective it is in the littoral environments that are prevalent throughout Norway."

Bofors and Boeing are providing the HELLFIRE Shore Defense System to Norway. Boeing in Duluth, Ga., provides the HELLFIRE missile sections and launch control equipment. Bofors, the prime contractor, assembles the Boeing supplied missile sections with their blast/fragmentation warhead and produces the tripod launcher.

"The success of this program demonstrates the versatility of the HELLFIRE missile," said Richard D. Stephens, executive vice president of Boeing Guidance, Navigation and Sensors Division.

"HELLFIRE, developed as an anti-armor missile for the U.S. Army's Apache helicopter, is a modular missile that can be fired from many different launch platforms," Stephens said. "Its modularity allows it to change not only warheads, as demonstrated in the Shore Defense System, but also seekers."

Norway has ordered more than 350 HELLFIRE missiles with the blast-fragmentation warhead. The system will undergo verification flight testing by the Norwegian Coastal Artillery in early 1998. The complete system includes two launchers per firing battery with fire control equipment and a laser designation. The units deploy using fast patrol boats.