Four Space Station Employees Awarded NASA's Silver Snoopy

Dave Angel, Claire Elkhouli, Dyane Magliolo and Tom Stegman recently were awarded NASA's Silver Snoopy award by NASA astronaut Leroy Chiao for outstanding performance in support of manned flight.

The four were recognized for their work on the International Space Station (ISS) team. Angel and Elkhouli work for Boeing. Magliolo and Stegman work for Northrop Grumman, a subcontractor to Boeing.

The Snoopy award recognizes government and contractor employees for outstanding contributions to the space program. It is presented personally by the astronauts. For an employee to be considered for this award, their performance must be of an outstanding nature to distinguish the individual in his or her particular area of responsibility.

Boeing is NASA's prime contractor for the International Space Station. Launch of the first element, the FGB, is scheduled for June 1998. The U.S. node and the first of two pressurized mating adapters have been delivered to the Kennedy Space Center for launch processing. Node-1 with the adapter attached will be the first element to be launched aboard the Space Shuttle in July 1998.

More than 185,000 pounds of Space Station hardware has been produced by the ISS team. The effort involves more than 100,000 people in space agencies and at hundreds of contractor and subcontractor companies around the world.

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