Boeing Response to Recent Media Coverage on BAAN

A recent article in InformationWeek magazine on Boeing's use of Baan software generated numerous media and analyst inquiries. To clarify the situation, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group is releasing the following letter to the editor of InformationWeek.

Dear Mr. Evans:

Your article published on Monday, August 25, titled "Boeing Site Drops Baan" led many media and analysts to conclude that Boeing was not committed to the implementation of the Baan Company's enterprise resource planning software.

To set the record straight, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group is committed to the use of Baan's software in support of its major business process redesign project - Define and Control Airplane Configuration/Manufacturing Resource Management. Baan has a critical role on the project that will enable us to manage all accounting and finance, manufacturing and vendor procurement within a single integrated system.

Implementation is proceeding within Boeing Commercial Airplane Group to install Baan enterprise applications, with all parts plants complete by year end. When the entire project is complete, Baan will be in use at all sites, on 40,000+ workstations, and with about 45,000+ users.

We are pleased with the vision and performance of the Baan team and we have not wavered in our commitment to Baan. We also remain very satisfied with their product and services.

Bob Hammer Vice President - DCAC/MRM