Ground System Issue Delays Delta II Launch

Officials scrubbed today's launch of a Boeing Delta II expendable launch vehicle carrying five IRIDIUM® system satellites.

Officials scrubbed the launch due to an issue with the satellite ground support system. The satellites are safe aboard the Delta II. Boeing has tentatively rescheduled the launch for Monday at 5:49:54 p.m. PDT.


NOTE TO EDITORS: For questions about the satellite ground support system problem, contact the Motorola representative, Chad Madden, via his pager at 1-800-759-8888, PIN 930-8050. You may contact the Boeing representatives, Keith Takahashi and Walt Rice, via pagers at 1-800-759-8888, their respective PIN numbers are 137-5719 and 130-5400. They may also be reached by calling the Boeing operations suite at (805) 693-0080.

Media representatives wishing to cover the launch should contact the Vandenberg Public Affairs Office at (805) 734-8232, extension 6-3595. The public affairs office requires media representatives to fax their request on company letterhead to the public affairs office for accreditation. The fax number is (805) 734-8232, extension 6-8303.

There will be a live satellite broadcast feed of the launch. The feed will be available on SBS 6 and last approximately one hour.

For further information:
Boeing Opertions Suite
(805) 693-0080