Boeing Upgrades On-line Maintenance Information Service

The newest version of an innovative on-line information service for aircraft maintenance offers operators of Boeing jetliners better access to more data, setting the stage for future "one-stop shopping".

Boeing On-Line Data (BOLD) provides direct access to Boeing databases containing digitized technical drawings, service bulletins, Boeing Component Maintenance Manuals, and specifications for parts and materials. Databases are updated daily, freeing users from managing huge quantities of documents, including thousands of file cards containing microfilmed drawings.

The new, upgraded version of this service offers several enhancements requested by current users. New features include better user control of access to data, expanded search capabilities and the addition of supplier component maintenance manuals. Like the earlier version, the enhanced BOLD is accessed on standard computer workstations linked to high-speed, wide-area-network providers such as SITA, an aerospace industry service.

Boeing began offering on-line access to aircraft technical drawings in 1995, becoming the first airframe manufacturer to do so. Since then, Boeing has made more and more of its digitized maintenance information available over a global network delivery system.

"The new BOLD offering puts us closer to the day when our customers will be able to get all the data they need to operate their Boeing aircraft through a single network connection," said Rich Higgins, director of Technical Data Products and Services. "Eventually we won't need to send out revisions on paper, microfilm or even on digital media such as compact disks because all changes will be available on-line in real time."

To date, 31 airlines and repair agencies are BOLD customers, with 50 others in contract negotiations for the service. Future plans for BOLD include adding data for airplanes built by the Douglas Products Division.