DigitalXpress Provides Services For Historic Broadcast

DigitalXpress, a direct-broadcast satellite company specializing in high-quality, low-cost satellite-to-desktop digital video, audio and data information distribution systems for the business community, made possible one of the largest live employee communication events ever.

Using DigitalXpress services, Phil Condit, Boeing chairman and chief executive officer, and Harry Stonecipher, president and chief operating officer of the new Boeing Company, were able to address more than 150,000 employees live from the National Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 4. The event was broadcast to more than 58 Boeing sites in 16 states and Canada.

DigitalXpress' responsiveness and flexibility was key to the event's success - the company installed equipment and helped coordinate the event in less than four weeks.

Participating Boeing locations were fitted with a small, low-cost antenna and integrated receiver/decoder that ensures a high-quality - and secure - transmission signal. Programming was broadcast in a digital format from the DigitalXpress operations center in St. Paul, Minn., to a commercial satellite transponder. The programming then was downlinked to various Boeing sites for employee viewing.

Larry Bishop, Boeing vice president of Communications and Investor Relations, said DigitalXpress' efforts and overall customer service were outstanding.

"In today's environment efficient communication is essential - DigitalXpress did a fantastic job helping ensure this historic employee broadcast went off without a hitch," Bishop said.

In addition to corporate communications, Boeing uses DigitalXpress services for employee training and distance-learning programs. This fall, Boeing will begin training more than 20,000 managers nationwide using DigitalXpress' services.

DigitalXpress was co-founded by Boeing Commercial Space Co., Conus Communications and Computing Devices International.