Boeing Unveils New Corporate Identity

The Boeing Company today unveiled a new corporate identity program to celebrate its merger with the McDonnell Douglas Corporation. The program introduces a new symbol that will be used along with the current Boeing logotype in a corporate signature that will identify the company around the world.

"The signature is designed to represent Boeing as a global enterprise, a leader in commercial, defense and space flight," said Larry Bishop, vice president for Communications and Investor Relations. Phil Condit, chairman and chief executive officer of The Boeing Company, said, "The new signature not only captures the spirit of flight and our vision for Boeing, but represents the coming together of two great companies." The symbol was inspired by the McDonnell Douglas logo, which was introduced in 1967.

"We had actually been looking for a graphic symbol for Boeing for a number of years," said Bishop. "We wanted a symbol that would enhance, not replace, the existing Boeing logo, but none of the designs that we tried adequately captured all the company's capabilities. Then the merger brought a tremendous resource right to our door."

The elements of the McDonnell Douglas logo were modernized, simplified and reproportioned, and then aligned with the Boeing Stratotype logo, which was created by company artists in the 1940s. The resulting signature "honors our joint heritage at the same time that it captures our excitement about the future," said Harry Stonecipher, Boeing president and chief operating officer. As part of company activities commemorating the completion of the Boeing/McDonnell Douglas merger, Boeing sent a package to employees' homes that included a lapel pin representing the new signature and a brochure explaining the signature and how it evolved from previous symbols representing Boeing and McDonnell Douglas. The signature will soon appear on Boeing facility signs, business cards, advertising and other media around the world. The final design of the symbol was created by Rick Eiber of Rick Eiber Design, Seattle, who has been the corporate identity consultant for Boeing since 1987.

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