China Southern Airlines Inaugurates 777-200 IGW Transpacific Service

China Southern Airlines, based in Guangzhou, People's Republic of China, has become the first airline to operate the Boeing 777 on transpacific service. The China Southern 777-200 IGW landed yesterday at Los Angeles International Airport, after completing the 7,800 statue mile route from Guangzhou.

"China Southern is once again playing a leadership role as a pioneer in the aviation development of Asia," said Chet Ekstrand, Boeing Vice President at celebration ceremonies today in Los Angeles.

The Boeing 777-200 IGW is the newest member of the 777 family of airplanes. A longer-range version of the 777-200, it has the same physical dimensions as the initial -200 model, but uses the wing center section to carry an additional 14,220 gallons (53,826 liters) of fuel, for a total of 45,220 gallons (171,170 liters). This increases the range of the 777 to 8,225 statute miles (13,230 kilometers) with a maximum takeoff weight of 632,500 pounds (286,900 kilograms).

China Southern provides service to more than 317 cities worldwide. The airline operates 78 Boeing aircraft, the largest Boeing fleet in China.