Boeing Selects DigitalXpress For Satellite Broadcast Services

Boeing has contracted DigitalXpress, a direct-broadcast satellite company, to provide services that will increase the company's employee training and corporate communications capabilities.

DigitalXpress specializes in high-quality, low-cost satellite-to-desktop digital video, audio and data information distribution systems for the business community.

On June 17 and 18, the Boeing Center for Leadership and Learning in Seattle aired the first of a series of live-broadcast, interactive, management training workshops. Using DigitalXpress services, the workshops linked nearly 1,000 Boeing managers at 12 sites across the country. This fall, with DigitalXpress' support, Boeing will begin training more than 20,000 managers nationwide.

Phil Condit, Boeing chairman and chief executive officer, participated in the initial workshop.

"As we grow we have to be more creative in how Boeing people around the world communicate with each other," Condit said. "Our investment in, and use of, DigitalXpress reflects the value we place on very efficent -- and yet very effective -- communication and learning methods."

Participating Boeing locations have been fitted with a small, low-cost antenna and integrated receiver/decoder that ensures a high-quality -- and secure -- transmission signal. Programming is broadcast in a digital format from the DigitalXpress operations center in St. Paul, Minn., to a commercial satellite transponder. The programming then is downlinked to various Boeing sites for employee viewing.

DigitalXpress was co-founded by Boeing Commercial Space Co., Conus Communications and Computing Devices International.