U.S. Army Awards Boeing Contract For 25 More Bradley Kits

The U. S. Army (MICOM) has awarded The Boeing Company in Huntsville, Ala., a follow-on $6.5 million contract for production of air defense modification kits and spare parts in support of the Bradley-Linebacker Fighting Vehicle program.

The contract calls for 25 Bradley Fighting Vehicles to receive the upgraded modification kits in Huntsville, which enhance the basic Bradley by adding a fully automated, "shoot-on-the-move" short-range air defense capability.

The fully integrated Army air defense system will be fielded and supported by the U. S. Army Tank and Automotive Command (TACOM) in Warren, Mich.

The Bradley-Linebacker, a mobile armored air defense system, is capable of engaging all fixed wing and rotary wing targets, cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles. Bradley-Linebacker is one of the first contracts awarded under the Army's Rapid Acquisition Program (RAP).

"Without outstanding teamwork between the U. S. Army and Boeing, this program couldn't have happened," said Peter S. Parsons, Avenger/Bradley Linebacker program manager.

The Bradley-Linebacker components include a launcher with four "fire and forget" Stinger missiles; a 25 mm gun; a command and control suite, and other communications equipment.

Under earlier contracts, Boeing developed and qualified the air defense capability and delivered eight initial production units for testing during Task Force XXI (Advanced Warfighting Experiment) and currently is producing 60 units under the existing contract.

After completion of rigorous testing and evaluation at Task Force XXI, Major General John Costello, Commanding General of the U.S. Army Air Defense Center (USAADACENFB) Ft. Bliss, Texas, said, "The Avenger Fire Unit and the Bradley Linebacker fighting vehicle were the stars of Task Force XXI."

The first delivery of this 25-unit option of new Bradley Linebacker kits will be May 1998 and final delivery is scheduled to be completed in July 1998.

The U.S. Army is currently seeking funding for more acquisitions for fiscal year 1998.