Boeing 737-700 Generates More French Jobs Than Airbus A319

As the Boeing 737-700 prepared to depart the Paris Air Show, Ron Woodard, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group president, noted that the 737-700 program will generate more jobs in France over the next three years than will the Airbus A319, the competing airplane showcased here at LeBourget.

"Very simply, that's because 737s are delivered exclusively with CFM56 engines," Woodard said, "However, only a minor share of the A320 series incorporate these great Snecma engines."

CFM56 engines are produced by CFMI, a joint venture of Snecma and GE.

"Snecma and our other French suppliers have been major contributors to the success of the 737. And they should feel very proud of what we have built together," Woodard said. "In the past five years, this relationship has generated more than $2.5 billion in revenue for Snecma and its suppliers here in France.

"And, as we look toward the next eight years, we estimate that Boeing will generate nearly $9 billion in sales for Snecma engines, which translates into some 33,000 jobs each year throughout France," Woodard added.

The Snecma/GE joint venture has supplied engines for all current 737-300/-400/-500s. The engines have been so successful that the companies have agreed to continue this relationship on the Next-Generation 737-600/-700/-800 models, which have established a record number of orders before the first delivery.

"The success of the Boeing/Snecma partnership has been phenomenal and has provided significant economic benefits for everyone associated with the program," Woodard said.