Sunrock Aircraft Corporation Increases All-Boeing Fleet

Sunrock Aircraft Corporation, an operating leasing arm of Nissho Iwai Corporation of Japan, today signed a purchase contract for seven Boeing 737 airplanes, including five Boeing Next-Generation 737-600s and two Boeing 737-300s. The potential order of thirteen more airplanes is now under negotiation.

This order makes Sunrock, founded in 1990, the newest --- and 28th --- Next-Generation Boeing 737 customer.

The Dublin-based operating lessor's announcement of the order is valued at 250 million dollars.

"This announcement reinforces our strong relationship with The Boeing Company. Stemming from a 40-year relationship as a sales consultant to the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group, Nissho Iwai is totally familiar with Boeing's excellent products and customer support philosophy," said Masatake Kusamichi, President of Nissho Iwai Corporation. "We relied on our extensive market analysis and trading experiences to make the decision. We are proud of the results," he stated.

"By adding this order to our current fleet, Sunrock is able to strengthen its market activities as we move toward the 21st century," added Toshi Gonda, President of Sunrock Aircraft Corporation and Senior Managing Director of Nissho Iwai Corporation.

The announcement was made at the Boeing chalet at the 1997 Paris Air Show taking place June 14-22, at the Le Bourget Airport, 15 kilometers north of Paris, France. Host of the signing event and press conference was Ron Woodard, president of Boeing Commercial Airplane Group.

"We are delighted with the decision of Sunrock Aircraft Corporation to purchase the 737-300 and Next-Generation 737-600," said Woodard. "The announcement is testimony to our fruitful relationship with Sunrock and its parent company, Nissho Iwai, to the success of our family of products and to the importance of delivering value to our customers."

The 737 family of jetliners is designed to be among the quietest and most fuel-efficient aircraft in the world. With low operating costs, the Boeing 737 is among the most reliable, and continues to lead the industry as the best-selling commercial jet of all time.

With today's announcement by Sunrock Aircraft Corporation, the total 737 orders stand at 3,677, of which 557 are for the Next-Generation 737 models.