Boeing Team To Bid On Global Broadcast Service Contract

A Boeing-led team announced its intention to bid on a Department of Defense Global Broadcast Service (GBS) contract, which will be awarded in September 1997. GBS systems allow large blocks of data such as intelligence maps, video imagery, data files and technical manuals to be uplinked to warfighters in real time via satellite.

The world-class team that will help bring the GBS system to fruition includes Microsoft, the Harris Corporation, Lucent Technologies, Pacific Sierra Research and TRW.

As prime contractor and system architect for the GBS team, Boeing will use its extensive experience in complex systems integration and implementation to provide a best-value solution to the U.S. government.

Additionally, the company's leadership in the joint venture, DigitalXpress -- a commercial satellite-based digital information system -- adds essential data and video information broadcast expertise to the team. DigitalXpress allows customers to transmit high-quality, full-motion video, multimedia and information products to televisions or personal computers.

"Our team is committed to helping the GBS Joint Program Office deploy an affordable ground system that meets current and future warfighter broadcast information needs," said Rich Collins, Boeing GBS program manager.

Microsoft brings its broadcast personal-computer technologies and Internet development tools to the Boeing GBS team solution. Microsoft's Windows NT operating system provides a robust user-friendly environment and a commercial basis for future GBS growth.

The Harris Corporation develops and produces commercial digital television broadcast systems and state-of-the-art military satellite communication systems, and will apply its expertise in the GBS transmit and receive broadcast management equipment suites, as well as terminal equipment suites.

TRW has long provided critical information systems to support U.S. warfighters, and will incorporate its off-the-shelf software and hardware experience to the design and integration of the GBS broadcast management segment.

Lucent Technologies features the preeminent scientific research and development legacy of Bell Labs. Its abundant expertise in security system requirements will help assure the GBS system blends seamlessly with existing communication systems.

Pacific-Sierra Research Corporation, a key member of the battlefield awareness and data dissemination team, provides a user focus to the GBS effort, ensuring that the solution will provide the warfighter the right information at the right time.

The Boeing team will demonstrate part of its GBS solution, featuring commercial off-the-shelf hardware and software, at the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) convention, June 17-19 in Washington, D.C.

Earlier this year, at the Air Force Association's 50th anniversary convention in Washington D.C., attendees were able to access real-time video and data via satellite using DigitalXpress. This demonstrated not only the simplicity of accessing large amounts of information through a broadcast satellite system, but also the theater-level data insertion required in GBS.