LanChile Places Order for Boeing 767-300ERS

Linea Aerea Nacional de Chile (LanChile) of Santiago, Chile today announced an order for three Boeing 767-300 extended range jetliners at a press conference in New York City. The order is valued at approximately USD 300 million, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group confirmed. The General Electric-powered 767s will be delivered beginning in April 1998.

Representatives from LanChile and Boeing participated in a press conference marking this announcement in New York City. Boris Hirmas, LanChile vice chairman said, "We have been improving our operations over the last few years and have a strong market position now to grow fast. The Boeing 767 will help us do that," he said.

These jetliners will serve LanChile's growing market as well as provide load lift to markets currently served in the United States. The long-range twinjet will ply routes across the Atlantic to Madrid and Frankfurt. In addition to flying to Papeete via Easter Island in the South Pacific, LanChile flies to New York, Miami, Los Angelos, Cancun and Mexico.

John Hayhurst, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group vice-president - The Americas, said, "We are extremely proud to continue our 30-year relationship with LanChile. The 767 is an excellent airplane and will serve LanChile well."

The Boeing 767-300ER makes use of new-generation technology to provide maximum efficiency in the face of rising operational costs, while extending twin-aisle passenger cabin convenience to routes never before served by wide-body airliners. Lower-deck volume available for cargo totals 4,030 cubic fee (114.2m3) for the -300ER, more than any commercial transport in its class.

The 767's design provides excellent fuel efficiency, operational flexibility, low noise levels and modern airplane systems, including an advanced all-digital flight deck. Today's announcement brings the total 767 orders to 728. LanChile currently operates 25 Boeing jetliners, including 10 of the popular 767-300ERs.