EgyptAir Receives First Boeing 777

EgyptAir, the national carrier of the Arab Republic of Egypt, has taken delivery of its first Boeing 777-200, an increased gross weight (IGW) version of the popular twinjet.

The airline has long been a customer for Boeing airplanes, with a fleet that includes the 747-300, the 767-200 and -300 models, the 737-200 and -500 models. The airline ordered its first airplane from Boeing, a 707, in 1966.

The 777 delivered to EgyptAir is the same 777-200 increased gross weight (IGW) model Boeing used in April to establish new world speed and distance records for its size and class of airplane. On April 2, Boeing broke both records, besting the Great Circle Distance Without Landing record by flying from Boeing Field, Seattle, to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, covering 12,455.34 statute miles (20,044.20 km), in 21 hours 23 minutes. The Speed Around the World, Eastbound record was set by traveling the Seattle-Kuala Lumpur-Seattle route at an average speed of 553 mph (889 kmh), an around-the-world journey that took 41 hours and 59 minutes, covering more than 23,000 miles.

EgyptAir serves 85 cities throughout Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Africa, Australia, India and North America. The airline will take delivery of three Pratt & Whitney powered 777-200s this year. The first 777 seats 319 passengers in a three-class arrangement, with 12 in first class, 21 in business class, and 286 in economy class.

"Like so many airlines worldwide, and especially in the Middle East, EgyptAir recognizes that the 777 is the market-leading airplane and will be a great asset to help meet their market requirements," said Seddik Belyamani, Boeing vice president of International Sales. "EgyptAir also recognizes that the superiority of the 777 in terms of range, speed, interior flexibility and passenger comfort made this product a natural choice for their fleet," added Belyamani.

As of April 30, 1997, 62 777s have been delivered to airline customers throughout the world. The 777 family of airplanes has attracted 323 orders from 25 customers.