Emirates Receives Increased Gross Weight Boeing 777-200

Emirates Airlines, the international carrier of the United Arab Emirates, today took delivery of an increased gross weight (IGW) version of the Boeing 777-200. The airline is the first carrier in the Middle East to fly this longer-range 777 model. The IGW airplane is the same version of the 777 used in early April to establish new world speed and distance records for its size and class of airplane.

"The 777 has allowed Emirates to better serve its extensive international route system, and to build on its already impressive reputation as a leading global airline," commented Seddik Belyamani, vice president, International Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group. "Emirates has established itself as a premier airline in just twelve years, and the 777 IGW will extend their ability to fly longer routes than ever before. At the same time, they will provide customers with unparalleled in-flight service."

Powered by Rolls-Royce Trent 800 engines, the 777-200 accommodates 303 passengers in Emirates' configuration. The airline will use its 777IGWs on routes to Europe and the Far East.

This is the fifth 777 delivery for Emirates. The airline initially ordered seven 777s, and has options for an additional seven airplanes.

Emirates was the lead certification customer for the Rolls-Royce Trent 890 engine at 90,000 pounds of thrust -- the highest thrust rating in the world -- on its first 777-200 Increased Gross Weight, longer-range airplane.

A total of 323 orders for the new 777 have been placed since its launch in 1990.