Aeroflot Orders Ten Boeing 737-400 Twinjets

Aeroflot Russian International Airlines has ordered ten Boeing 737-400 twinjets valued at approximately $440 million, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group confirmed today. The contract calls for delivery of the first aircraft in April 1998 and for completion of the entire order by February-1999.

"Buying Boeing aircraft is an integral part of Aeroflot's long-term program of upgrading our fleet to increase the quality of passenger service and cost effectiveness," said Valery Okulov, acting general director, Aeroflot, Russian International Airlines. "Our objective is to make Aeroflot more competitive in the international and the domestic marketplaces."

The 737-400s purchased by Aeroflot are in a two-class configuration capable of carrying 131 passengers up to 2,500 nautical miles.

At the contract signing ceremony in Moscow, Boeing Executive Vice President Richard R. Albrecht thanked Aeroflot for the confidence expressed in The Boeing Company and in the 737-400.

"We view the signing of this contract with Russia's airline as the first step in developing cooperation between our two companies," Albrecht said.

Okulov and Albrecht stressed that today's contract signing is a result of growing cooperation between Russia and the United States in the aviation sector.

Earlier this year, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group and Russian titanium producer Verkhnaya Salda Metallurgical Production Association (VSMPO) announced that Boeing will buy 4.8 million pounds of titanium ingots during the next two years from the Russian producer. In addition, Russian suppliers to Boeing have been providing tooling and other materials.

Also, Moscow-based Boeing Technical Research Center has been working for several years with Russian aerospace companies and research institutions on projects of mutual interest. Boeing and Russian industry also continue work on the International Space Station, Sea Launch and supersonic transport development.

With today's announcement, Boeing has announced 3,652 orders for the 737 family.