Malaysia Airlines Receives First Boeing 777

Malaysia Airlines, the national airline of Malaysia, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, received its first Boeing 777, in an Everett, Wash. acceptance ceremony yesterday.

In January 1996, Malaysia Airlines ordered 15 of the wide-body 777 airplanes from Boeing Commercial Airplane Group, including a combination of 777-200 and -300 models. At the time, they also ordered 10 long-range 747-400s. In early March of this year, Malaysia Airlines became a launch customer of the 777-200X, announcing their intent to order up to 15 of the ultra-long-range twinjets.

"Malaysia Airlines is growing significantly, and the 777 is a great asset to help meet their market requirements," said Seddik Belyamani, Boeing vice president of International Sales. "Malaysia Airlines' acquisition again confirms that the Boeing 777 is an excellent airplane for operations into and out of the Asia-Pacific region. The superiority of the 777 in terms of range, speed, interior flexibility and passenger comfort is valued by airline customers," added Belyamani.

The 777 delivered to Malaysia Airlines is the same 777-200 increased gross weight (IGW) used earlier this July to establish new world speed and distance records for its size and class of airplane. On April 2, Boeing broke both records, besting the Great Circle Distance Without Landing record by flying from Boeing Field, Seattle, to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, covering 12,455.34 statute miles (20,044.20 km), in 21 hours 23 minutes. The Speed Around the World, Eastbound record was set by traveling the Seattle-Kuala Lumpur-Seattle route at an average speed of 553 mph (889 kmh), an around-the-world journey that took 41 hours and 59 minutes, covering more than 23,000 miles.

The Malaysia Airlines 777 is powered by Rolls-Royce Trent 892 engines, capable of thrust ratings in the 84,000- to 90,000-pound category. The engines offer excellent fuel efficiency, while allowing the 777 to be as quiet as a 767, even though the 777 engines provide 40 percent more power.

The Malaysia Airlines 777 has a tri-class configuration, which will accommodate 278 passengers. One of the unique features of this particular airplane is the business communication center, which includes a fold-down seat and work table, and stowage for two laptop computers and a printer.

Malaysia Airlines currently operates more than 60 Boeing jetliners, and has one of the largest 737 fleets outside the United States. Malaysia Airlines has been a Boeing customer for more than 27 years.

As of April 18, 1997, 59 Boeing 777s have been delivered to customers around the world. The 777 family of airplanes has attracted 323 orders from 25 customers.