Rocketdyne Awarded Top NASA Award For Excellence

NASA Administrator Dan Goldin today awarded the 1996 George M. Low Award for "excellence and outstanding achievements in quality and performance" to the Rocketdyne Division of Boeing North American (BNA) Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company.

Rocketdyne was selected from a field of top performing NASA contractors for the annual award, which is named for George M. Low, former deputy administrator of NASA during the early development of the Space Shuttle.

"The Low award is a great honor for Boeing and the Rocketdyne Division," said Jim Albaugh, president of Rocketdyne. "It is a tribute to the energy and dedication of all of our employees as together we improve productivity and quality while continuing to make significant contributions to NASA's programs."

Rocketdyne supports the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center directly with the design, manufacture and support of the main engines for the Space Shuttle program, and is providing the electric power distribution system for the International Space Station as a member of the Boeing team.

In addition, Rocketdyne produces propulsion systems for the Atlas and Delta launch vehicles and is designing and developing the propulsion systems to power the X-33 prototype Reusable Launch Vehicle and the next-generation Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle.

Previously, Rocketdyne received NASA's top award for quality and productivity in 1988.