Larry Clarkson To Lead New Boeing Organization

Boeing Commercial Airplane Group today announced the formation of Boeing Enterprises, which will establish and direct new commercial airplane-related business entities.

Ron Woodard, president of the group, said that Larry Clarkson, senior vice president of Planning and International Development at The Boeing Company, will serve as president of the new organization. Clarkson will assume his new position Feb. 1.

"The global marketplace presents a number of opportunities that will allow us to expand outside of our traditional business scope and increase shareholder value," Woodard said. "Larry's job will be to identify, evaluate and recommend specific opportunities for acquisitions, joint ventures or other business relationships.

"Larry was selected for this important new assignment because of his demonstrated business skill and international experience."

As president of Boeing Enterprises, Clarkson also will be responsible for the overall management of the new enterprises once they have been approved and established. Clarkson will continue to serve as an elected senior vice president of The Boeing Company.

"This is an exciting opportunity to break new ground for The Boeing Company," Clarkson said. "I'm looking forward to building on the strengths of Boeing while expanding our business scope."

Boeing Enterprises will be based at Boeing Commercial Airplane Group headquarters in Renton, Wash., southeast of Seattle.